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Round Cup Magnets with Open Hook
Round Cup Magnets with Open Hook Round Cup Magnets with Open Hook Round Cup Magnets with Open Hook

Round Cup Magnets with Open Hook

Product ID : NP-E-1 Type
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Material: N35-N52 NdFeB Magnet as per requirements

Size: D10-75mm

Shape: Round Cup Shape

Coating: NiCuNi, Zn, NiCu+Cr

Product Description

These Neodymium magnet hooks make great home, garage, shop, warehouse and office organizers. They are handy for hanging everything from tools, equipment, utensils, components, supplies and products – to sales, sports and safety banners everywhere you work and play. 

Hooks make perfect tool and knife holders, toy holders, cleaning supply/equipment holders, lawn/garden tool holders, recreational and sports equipment holders, pots and pans holders, etc..You can hang hammers, paint brushes, power cords, brooms, brackets, hats, coats, aprons, bags and practically anything else you can think of. 

If you are in retail or manufacturing, these hooks are also effective tools for managing and accessing your components, or for storing, displaying and featuring your products – whether in a store, kiosk, warehouse or trade show booth. 

Please note that the holding power of each hook will vary depending upon its placement and mounting surface. Vertical placement (such as on the underside of a steel surface) will maximize the hooks weight-holding capacity. Horizontal placement (such as on the side of a steel file cabinet) may reduce the hook's weight-bearing capacity by up to 60 percent.

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