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NdFeB Shallow Pot Magnet
NdFeB Shallow Pot Magnet NdFeB Shallow Pot Magnet NdFeB Shallow Pot Magnet

NdFeB Shallow Pot Magnet

Product ID : NP-H Type
Product Attributes :

Material: N35-N52 NdFeB Magnet

Size: D6-60mm

Shape: Flat Cup Shape

Coating: NiCuNi, Zn, NiCu+Cr

Product Description

Neodymium Shallow Pot magnets (Flat Pot Magnets) have only one active magnetic surface, while other faces are non-magnetic or magnetically very weak. This way the magnetic field influence is limited and using pot magnets it is possible to avoid magnetizing surrounding objects (except the types with SmCo and NdFeB magnetic core in brass housing). Flat pot magnets are manufactured with ferrite (ceramic) or rare-earth (NdFeB or SmCo) magnets. Cylindrical pot magnets can made with AlNiCo, SmCo or NdFeB magnetic core.

Application: Pot magnets can be inserted into different instruments, machines, tools. Can be used as auxilliary instruments during transport, clamping, mounting, lifting, welding, separation, etc. The best holding force is reached at full contact of magnetic face with ground ferromagnetic surface, force is vertical to the base (air gap = 0 mm). Small cracks on the magnet or steel pot do not have any influence to the functionality, lifetime and holding force of the pot magnet.

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