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Adanced Production Facilities for Sintered NdFeB Magnets

Adanced Production Facilities for Sintered NdFeB Magnets

Strip Casting Furnace

It removes a-fe phase and maximizes the percentage of main phase by strip cast process. It's easy to process high-performance magnet for proportion of main phase crystalline grains are tiny and Nd-rich phase is distributed unevenly. So the coercivity is higher than that of magnet produced by traditional casting ingots.

Hydrogen Decrepithion Furnace

HD process employs the fact that NdFeB absorbs a large quantity of Hydrogen to great stress which results in the breaking of NdFeB crystal.

Jet Mill

Employs in jet mill for pressing and sintering. It helps to make products in the protection of nitrogen in the whole process. The oxygen contect of final product is about 500-1000PPM. Romoving influence of oxygen content variation on the magnetic propertities can improve the performance and uniformity of magnet.

Pressing Machine

With Monitoring system configuration, the pressing machine can effectively control consistency of the greencompact's thickness and density and stable magnetic field.

Vaccum Sintered Furnace

Vacuum sintering furnace is a rare earth permanent magnet material NdFeB dedicated vacuum sintering equipment, fully automated operation to feed. Good temperature uniformity, three-stage heating,the computers temperature control, PID auto regulartion. Outer loop air-cooled system, high-efficiency heat exchanger,multi-directional uniforce cooling of the workpiece,cooling fast,uniform cooling, dual heat exchanger structure, greatly reducing cooling time. 300kg to protect feed sintering furnace, operation box full mechanical drive. The materials can stop in any position, and reliable operation, easy maintenance.

Testing Instruments